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About EnviroKidz

Our Minifesto

At EnviroKidz, we believe breakfast (and snack time!) can help save the world – or better yet, kids can. EnviroKidz gets kids excited about helping endangered animals with fast facts and fun activities, growing their understanding of the environments that our animal mascots live in, as well as the environment they live in.
It’s easy to connect with our cuddly koalas and curious chimpanzees through fun on-and-inside the box activities, and we’re pretty sure that once kids are inspired with a love for the planet they’ll be unstoppable forces of positive change. Since 1% of EnviroKidz sales goes to animal conservation groups, kids can help their favourite animals just by eating their favourite treats.
With the whole grain goodness moms want and the irresistible flavours kids love, it’s even easier to fall for our tasty breakfast cereals and snack bars. And because we care about the health of kids and the planet, we’re always organic, keeping harmful chemicals out of the soil and off your child’s plate. You’ll see the EnviroKidz difference in the snack time smiles – and in a newfound enthusiasm for saving the world!